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Why we need it We need your postcode because not all deals are available in every area.

Utility Warehouse broadband review

Rest assured we won't store it or use it for anything else. Enter your postcode and current supplier - the deals you can get depend on where you live and who you're with. Utility Warehouse isn't a straightforward broadband provider - rather, it's a discount club that offers broadband, home phone, mobile phone service and energy, and gives you a better deal the more services you take.

It's also unusual in that it doesn't advertise, but relies on 'independent distributors' - customers who pay to become a kind of salesperson, and then get paid to recruit others. Utility Warehouse has the usual range of broadband packages, all of which come with line rental. It also offers a wide selection of Sim only mobile phone deals and traditional mobile contracts, piggybacking off the EE network; and is a gas and electricity provider.

It generally gets very good feedback - though matters are complicated by the fact that some customers who choose to be independent distributors are incentivised to recruit others. In our Feb broadband customer service poll, MoneySavers gave Utility Warehouse a resounding thumbs up. Though who knows if they're giving their true opinion. Line rental comes as standard with Utility Warehouse's broadband deals.

Calls to other Utility Warehouse members, either on landline or mobile, are always free. Call discount packages you can add include:. The box below takes you to our Broadband Unbundled tool which compares broadband, phone and TV in your area. Don't want to switch?

See our Broadband Haggling guide. This tool looks at 15 of the biggest providers, including the giants of BT, Sky and Virgin. Plus special deals we've found or blagged that we think are top picks. Yet there are also many small providers we can't list - which occasionally have cheap deals - so it's always worth checking direct with any local provider you know of. Let us know if you find a top deal we've missed and see which providers this tool covers.

Don't let it be you - compare now and see if you could save. Your actual speed can depend on a host of factors - see the full checklist of tips in Broadband Speed Boosting. If it's just you and the dog, you're likely to be fine with standard speeds averaging around 11Mb. If you share a house, or you use the web for movie downloads, streaming or gaming, you may want to opt for faster speeds in excess of 30Mb.

Usually you'll pay for the rest of the contract plus termination fees. If your provider increases prices mid-contract and didn't warn you before you signed up, you can switch penalty-free within 30 days of notification of the price hike. It covers the 15 broadband and 6 digital TV providers available via the Decision Tech data stream, which powers our tool. Our small editorial team then manually try and spot other deals that beat those from other comparison sites and nationwide providers with reasonable service levels - as usually the cheapest deals are short lived promotions.

If we spot market leading deals elsewhere, we do our best to add them to the tool, in addition to deals we blag specially for MSE users. Sadly, it is incredibly difficult to do a comparison that covers the whole market. This is because there are numerous firms that only cover limited regions that do not provide a data feed, meaning we'd have to manually input them all, which is a mega task.

Yet there are a lot of small local providers that we can't list which occasionally may have cheap deals, so if you know of ones near you then it's always worth checking those too. Also, some providers may restrict access to their exclusive deals, though we continually work to get as many into the tool as possible within the scope of our limited resources.

While this doesn't cover the whole market, with all these added together we hope we've more deals than other comparisons. We're always happy to hear about deals we might have missed, let us know by emailing the details to unbundled moneysavingexpert. We'll take a look to see if it's good enough to include. If you go through it, it can sometimes result in a payment or benefit to the site.

It's worth noting this means the third party used may be named on any credit agreements. You shouldn't notice any difference and the link will never negatively impact the product. We aim to look at all available products. If it isn't possible to get an affiliate link for the top deal, it is still included in exactly the same way, just with a non-paying link. We use industry data feeds from Decision Tech Ltd to help us cover a broad range of the products in the telecoms market, but we hand-pick top deals from providers and other comparisons and add those in too. The majority of the products listed on site will be updated as soon as they are made available by through our industry data feeds by Decision Tech Ltd.

We will endeavour to display deals we hand-pick from other sites as quickly as possible when they become available in the market. It's to work out whether you can get the service or the deal, nothing more than that. Providers don't work in all areas. We rank based on equivalent monthly cost, including incentive values, ie, cashback or vouchers.

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We do give you a full cost breakdown for this, so you'll see the elements that make up the cost we rank by. We take into account the monthly costs of broadband, line rent and TV over the contract, any set up or activation fees then deduct the value of cashback or some vouchers. With vouchers, we only deduct the value if it's for a major retailer or one you can use at numerous retailers, making it close to cashback.

This figure is divided by the contract length which gives the equivalent monthly cost. No, but you may sometimes get more cashback via a cashback site, though this is often on different deals. For example, the broadband and line rent could cost more. The aim of the tool is to provide you with details of the deals available to you. It's up to you to decide which deal is right for you. Think about the services you actually use and base your search on that. Unbundling is where you get your broadband and phone line rental from one provider, and your TV from another.

Sorry, we can't yet do a full comparison for all Hull postcodes.

It can work out cheaper than getting them from the same provider and it's what makes this tool different - we include Unbundled deals in the results. We will tell you which providers allow you to do it but we can't show you the upfront Effective Monthly Cost just yet. Most people pay for broadband and line rental monthly so it's not something we've included in this first incarnation of the tool. We are constantly improving the tool, so this may be something we add at a later date. We do include a few hand-picked deals from other comparisons sites too, as well as deals MoneySavingExpert has blagged directly from providers.

Let us know by emailing the details to unbundled moneysavingexpert. We'll take a look and see if we can include it. Sometimes members of specialist cashback websites can be paid when they sign up to some products and services. Do check that it's exactly the same deal though, as terms can differ. Most of the time, yes. When you call up you're likely to be offered a different deal, often not as strong as the online one. If you're happy with them and the price is right, then go for it. Telecoms companies are easy to haggle with so if the offer isn't quite what you want, try to negotiate a better one.

Though do a comparison first so you know what other deals are out there - it can help your case.

Utility Warehouse | Compare Gas & Electric Prices

Please email unbundled moneysavingexpert. You can but those deals often cost more than the deals with lines so they're not often worth it, though do check - this tool includes them. If after going through these routes and you've still not received your voucher, you can escalate this to BT via these forms:.

If it has been over 2 months and you haven't received it, call and have your username and password to hand. It will then hopefully assist you with locating your missing cheque.

Utility Warehouse sees further growth in bundled phone, broadband and energy |

If you signed up to an MSE Blagged deal - a best-in-market offer we've negotiated exclusively - which involves you being sent a voucher, we'll always do our best to ensure you get the voucher. However, there can occasionally be problems with the deal tracking. In particular, if you were running ad-blocking software or cookie blockers when you signed up for the deal, or exited your browser while in the process of signing up, this can stop it tracking correctly.

We've some key steps that can help:. Some deals require you to fill in online forms to redeem the offer, separately from signing up to it. If you're eligible we'll see if we can help push the provider for you. However, you should still only use it as an indication of the speeds you may get. If you want to know the speed you're most likely to get to your home, the best way is to check before committing to a contract. Most major providers adhere to Ofcom's voluntary code of practice, which means you will be shown an estimated access line speed before committing - based on the speeds of other customers with a similar connection.

Mostly no, but it doesn't hurt just to be sure. Moving to or from Virgin can be slightly different - see below.

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