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Athos workout apparel are lined with EMG sensors that can sense theactivity inside muscle fibers and track exactly how hard, and how well, your body is working.

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EMG stands for electromyography, a method of measuring the electrical signal that motor nerves send to muscle fibers to. The stronger the signal, the more muscle fibers are being recruited, and the harder the muscle is working.

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EMG is normally available onlyto elite athletes, but Athos has developed work out apparel with EMG sensors woven into the clothing. The whole part consists of a 3 component system. The first one is short, the second one being the shirt, and the third one being the core. The clothing has placed sensors in it, which are carefully designed to track all the body vitals accurately. Along with these sensors, the clothing like the shirts or the shorts has special hoses.

Now, what is the function of these is that one can attach a special core kit onto them, which will track the data from sensors, and then pass it on the raw data to the app which is installed on your phone? And with that, the app will be able to analyze it and recommend things to you. Or also, as a matter of fact, give you details about the workout sessions you just had. And also along with that, the respiratory sensors are also included which will be helping you to track the breathing patterns while you workout.

As you can see in the image, the holsters are attached to the shirts, in the chest area. While on the other hand, when it comes to shorts, they are attached to the thighs t ensure that comfort is set in the priority table at the top. You can avail the discount with the help of the Athos coupon code below. The Core is the bridge which will be connecting the apparel with the App or the Phone with the help of Wireless connectivity like Bluetooth.

And also it includes some sensors which will be helping in even a better and more precise tracking. As said above, the hostlers where the core goes is on the right thigh of the shorts. And it is situated on the chest on the shirt.

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Also during a full-body workout, you can attach two cores. And they will be simultaneously pulling data and relaying it to the app side by side, and keep saving your stats. Which you can look at after you complete your workout. The core has a lot of battery juice, which can last about 10 hours.

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So in a typical scenario, you might be able to pull off at least workout sessions with it. The hostlers and the other fabrics have sensors embedded quite well into them. Also so as to make sure, that the sensors are in proper contact with the skin, the standards have to be maintained quite high.

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And if the fitting is not, well the whole point of putting in sensors would go to waste. So you can stop worrying about the cloth quality, or any other quality defect which you suspect. The most unwanted thing about a tracking device is that you lose the detailed data. But in Athos, it will save all the workout data, for each of your sets. Also, the real-time tracking works brilliantly. It will illuminate the muscle, which is being worked at the point of time.


The same you can see in the screenshot attached below. There is also a recording feature, which will be playing back the recorded set of data for a particular set of workout, which you wanted to track.

Also, the active muscles light up and show the intensity at which they are working out. And as soon as you finish the set, the app will present more elaborate and detailed analysis of the workout you had. Which will contain the muscle worked the most, and the intensity comparison and other informational data. Let us understand this process with the help of an example.

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If you are working out your lower body. Whereas on the other hand, if the upper body is being worked out. It will be showing you about trapezius, biceps, triceps, deltoids, pectorals, and lats.

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The app and the gear working together can tell you about the imbalances. Like if you have been working out your right triceps more as compared to the left triceps. And these little tweaks will be helping you in your workout sessions, and help you focus where you need to.

Which is a bummer? As many people typically focus on that area itself, while all of their workouts. Also, the sensors are not quite in place to track the core workout muscles. However, they have a plan of bringing in an upgrade for the same. Ghostek Products. Best Deal Pet Supply.

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See all Stores. Did this coupon work for you? Read your heart, muscle and breathing rates during workout. Free Shipping! About Live Athos Live Athos is an innovator in next-generation fitness apparel, providing an unparalleled look into physiology and performance.